EMTF 27.04.2024

IFMA’s senior national teams will participate at the much-anticipated 2024 Senior World Championships. The event will take place from May 31st to June 10th 2024 in Patras, Greece. 


Greece was chosen as the gathering location due to Greece’s rich history and spirit which embody the values and excellence IFMA strives for in Muay Thai. The 2024 Senior World Championships will include all Senior Elite & U23 divisions. Tournament Rules will align with the stipulated IFMA Rules & Regulations. 


Sigrid Kapanen with trainer Ringo Tipp, and Markus Mittal with trainer Kristo Männistu are going to Greece to represent Estonia in the Championships. 


More information about the 2024 IFMA Senior World Championships: https://www.ifmalive.com/competitions/3962/seasons/7453 



Article editor Erika Maalt (erika@emtf.ee)